Why I Love The New York Yankees

I have always been a big baseball fan, and there are several teams that I like. Since I grew up in California, the San Francisco Giants have always been a team that I have followed. I also pay attention to the Braves since I lived in Atlanta for a while. However, there has always been one team that I have loved more than any other, and that is the New York Yankees.


The reason I love this team so much is that my dad was a big Yankees fan. They were his favorite team ever since he was a little boy back in the 1940s. This was a period when the team was winning the World Series practically every year, and the roster was filled with future Hall of Famers.

My dad grew up in Wyoming, and back then there were no baseball teams west of the Mississippi River. He naturally started following a team from back East, and since the Yanks were the best team in baseball, he became a fan. As he grew up, he continued to be a big fan of them.

He passed his love of the team on to me, and I have been a huge fan of them ever since. I have all sorts of memorabilia in my home. There have been times when the team was not very good, but this did not stop me from being a fan. When they have been good and have won the World Series, it has been very exciting.

I have a lot of hope for the future of the New York Yankees. I think that they will be champions again before long. This way, they can add yet another banner to the wall and add to their long and illustrious history.