Ideas for A Baseball Themed Birthday Party

Ideas for A Baseball Themed Birthday PartyDoes your child love baseball? Then planning a baseball themed party for the youngster’s birthday will surely hit a home run. Even if the baseball season takes place from April to October, a baseball themed birthday party can be planned no matter what time of the year it is with these easy ideas:


Building the mood of the party starts with the invitation. So, you need to make sure that your invitation is perfect and portrays the fact that you are hosting a baseball themed party. Instead of a boring old invitation card, print out cards that look like baseball card or a scoreboard or a ticket. They are available for free online or you can design them yourself.


The next thing in your list of concern should be the decoration of the birthday party. Go for triangle flag banners to decorate the venue. You can either choose the banners in the color or logo of your child’s favorite team or with prints of a baseball and a bat. You can find baseball team logo tablecloths, plates and cups in plenty in both online and local stores. Besides this, add banners/decorations with prints of baseball related words like “home run” or “we are #1” and so on.


A baseball themed party is incomplete without a baseball themed cake and almost every baker can make that. If you are planning to bake the cake yourself in any other design you are comfortable in, then order baseball themed cupcakes instead. Keep a stand with mini versions of food available in all baseball games like mini hotdogs, small portions of nachos and other such food items. Baseball shaped cookies are very easy to make and will be perfect for the party.


Here it should be mentioned that the activities or entertainment portion of the party should also be baseball related. You can either play a historical match or organize a match between the invitees which even the parents and guardians can enjoy.

So with all these simple ideas, planning a baseball themed birthday party which everyone will enjoy won’t be a hard task.